Rosebank Garden – Helping People Grow

Rosebank Garden helps people grow heritage roses, vegetables and fruits. We give people a safe, peaceful environment where they can meet others, or potter alone.

Our workshops help people learn how to propagate different plants for themselves, and people also learn about good nutrition through eating vegetables and fruits that they grow.

Rosebank Garden is always growing and changing. We run workshops that give people an opportunity to refurbish old agricultural equipment like Ransomes crawlers. Men in particular find activity groups better than meeting groups, but our girl gang enjoy tinkering with the crawlers just as much. These workshops provide social activities where people can learn many new skills, and better connect with other people in the community.

Our garden will feature hybrid musk roses introduced between 1913 to 1939 by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton, and John and Ann Bentall.

Buff Beauty was introduced in 1939 by Ann Bentall as a tribute to her late husband John who had died the previous year.

Ann Bentall was recognised in 1932 for introducing The Fairy which she bred from Paul Crampel, a dwarf pompom, and Lady Gay, an Edwardian rambler.

Ann Bentall was personally given the National Rose Society’s Gold Medal for introducing Fortuna in 1927.

If you would like to book a garden tour or would like more information about our workshops please contact us.

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